Is Bitcoin Cash a good investment?

Yes. Bitcoin Cash has a long history of stability and a good reputation. The fundamentals are strong: Bitcoin Cash can handle more transactions than Bitcoin and Ethereum and is generally more secure. Transaction fees are also lower on Bitcoin Cash: typically less than $0.01 per transaction!
For investing purposes, you can take a look at Bitcoin Cash securities like ABCH or Grayscale Bitcoin Cash Trust.

The Bitcoin Cash ecosystem has online merchants, gambling sites, dApps, DeFi markets, NFTs, pornography, crowdfunding, social networks, and more.

Bitcoin Cash offers real utility as a way to buy Amazon products at a discount via Purse (for Amazon U.S., U.K., Germany, Japan, and Canada)

Accepting Bitcoin Cash is easy with payment processors such as GoCrypto and!

Bitcoin Cash provides financial privacy with CashFusion technology like a Swiss numbered bank account.

Financial analysis of Bitcoin Cash is frequently published on Benzinga and Yahoo Finance.

There are also ways to earn additional interest on Bitcoin Cash on Nexo.

You should definitely consider adding Bitcoin Cash to your portfolio and the BCH ticker to your watchlist.