Advantages of Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash: Electron Cash wallet

It is affordable as a medium of transaction, offering higher transfer speeds than its competition in the world of cryptocurrencies. One can easily use it at any time of the day in any country across the world as wallets like and wallet are there that ensure the transactions arrive.

Bitcoin Cash is innovative in that it introduces the Simple Ledger Protocol and Cash Tokens to challenge the Ethereum token system with affordable and very simple alternatives. This makes it possible for companies or conglomerates to issue their stablecoins or securities and also allows innovation and potential for the development of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) on Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin Cash offers instant transactions and is safe to use with zero confirmation transactions due to double-spend proofs and the lack of insecure features like Replace-By-Fee and Lightning network.

The Bitcoin Cash development scene is seriously hot, with teams fine-tuning everything from the node software and wallets to protocols and overall infrastructure. For interested people, installing a Bitcoin Cash node at home is fairly easy as all resources can be found on websites such as and

On top of security features, wallets for Bitcoin Cash also come with privacy features like Electron Cash‘s CashFusion to make your transactions completely untraceable. The most avant-garde privacy procedure will be functioning effortlessly in the background, allowing for easy transactions as an alternative to more complicated coins like Monero.

Human readable names are also possible on Bitcoin Cash with Cash Accounts and some wallets even support Reusable Payment Addresses; taking financial privacy to the next level.

Bitcoin Cash has payment processing services like and to help businesses more easily integrate BCH and SimpleLedger tokens directly into their payment system — it enables scaling solutions so powerful that it can provide the volume of all the top 10 cryptocurrencies and still emerge as the fastest proof-of-work payment network.

Bitcoin Cash is all about financial sovereignty — it’s permissionless. It doesn’t take permission from the outside, for users are free to transact with their money in whatever ways they find appropriate, from their judgment.

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