Advantages of Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) offers cheap transfers compared to other cryptocurrencies. It is faster, cheaper, and more reliable than other cryptocurrencies and it can be used globally and 24/7. It’s easy to use with wallets such as and the wallet.

Bitcoin Cash has a very active and friendly community on reddit, twitter, telegram,

Bitcoin Cash has its own token system: the Simple Ledger Protocol, which is cheaper and easier to use than Ethereum. It can be used by businesses and corporations to launch their own stablecoins or securities. There is also an option to create NFTs (non-fungible tokens) on top of Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin Cash is the most secure cryptocurrency payment system for instant transactions: double-spend proofs are eliminating the risk of fraudulent transactions.

Bitcoin Cash has several active developer teams working on node software, wallets, protocol, and infrastructure. You can run your own Bitcoin Cash node at home easily.

Some wallets are offering additional privacy features for Bitcoin Cash: Electron Cash has a feature called CashFusion that allows you to make your payments untraceable.

Bitcoin Cash has the highest number of physical merchants of all cryptocurrencies, but you can also accept Bitcoin Cash in your online store.

There are many payment processors for Bitcoin Cash. As a business, you can easily accept BCH with or With you can accept Bitcoin Cash and SimpleLedger tokens directly in your own wallet.

Bitcoin Cash can scale: it can process more transactions than all Top 10 cryptocurrencies combined. Bitcoin Cash is the fastest proof-of-work payment network.

Download a wallet today and try Bitcoin Cash (BCH) today. It’s simple and easy.