Bitcoin Cash Security Guide

Security settings: Familiarize yourself with all the security settings made available to you and take full advantage of them.

Notifications enabled: Configure your device to send an alert during every single login attempt and activity over email.

Beware of third-party tools: Be cautious about linking your account to any third-party trading bot or tools.

Email Security: Since most of your exchange account is likely linked to your email, protect it with strong passwords and 2FA.

Recheck the addresses of the withdrawal. Review twice, send your money to the right address, and avoid mishaps.

Public No-Nos: Stay clear from public computers and Wi-Fi in dealing with your exchange account.

“Stay on the Ball”: Keep yourself updated with every new security measure/update from your exchange.

Password refreshes: Much like in other accounts, password changing should be made a regular habit in your exchange account.

Exchange insurance: Check if your exchange is offering compensation insurance for funds in its custody to protect it.

Adopt these security tips for your Bitcoin Cash (BCH) adventures, be it safely tucked away in wallets or riding the waves on crypto exchanges.