How to Install the Wallet on Android: A Bitcoin Cash Tutorial

Learn how to install the Bitcoin Cash Wallet on Android with this tutorial.

Bitcoin Cash is a global decentralized network that can help you be more prosperous. To get started with Bitcoin Cash install a wallet. Always ensure you are using an actual wallet. Wallets permit you access to the private key for your funds. If you are accessing your coins via an app that does not provide you access to your private key or recovery phrase then it may not be a wallet. This tutorial will teach you how to install the wallet on Android devices. Visit and click on the Google Play button. Click the install button to proceed. The wallet is now installed. Once it is finished installing click open. Click through the in-app introductory screens. You can link your wallet to your Google account or continue anonymously. Here we continue anonymously. Be sure to click the gear button bottom right, then security center, then manual backup for your BCH wallet. Take note of your recovery phrase, which is also your private key for your new wallet. You can also upload your private key to your Google account. Click the Google button, follow the steps, and finally select a password to encrypt your backup. Take note of your password somewhere secure. Congratulations! Now you have a Bitcoin Cash wallet and are ready to start earning, spending, and buying Bitcoin Cash.