Is Bitcoin Cash secure?

Yes. Bitcoin Cash is secured by mining and has a very active developer community that can react to cyber threats. Bitcoin Cash has proven to be very resilient – we have ways to protect the currency from network attacks, social attacks, bugs, corruption, and fraud.

The value of Bitcoin Cash fluctuates, but you can always stabilize your Bitcoin Cash savings against the U.S. Dollar or other assets with a smart contract on BCH Bull. All you need is a Bitcoin Cash wallet to do that!

Before installing a Bitcoin Cash wallet on your computer, you should clean up your device and check it for malware. Make sure that you are downloading wallet software from a reliable source. Be careful: some malicious pages are designed to look exactly like a reliable source.

Contact if you have any questions about the security of Bitcoin Cash, if you want to report a malicious website or vulnerability. You may also ask to be invited to the Bitcoin Cash Cyber Security Task Force Telegram group.