How to Send Bitcoin Cash Using the Wallet

Learn how to send Bitcoin Cash anywhere almost for free using the wallet.

Bitcoin Cash is a global network that can help you be more prosperous. This tutorial will help you send Bitcoin Cash using the wallet. Click the send button top left. When paying to a QR Code scan the code. When paying to a Bitcoin Cash public key address copy the destination public key address and then click the paste button at the bottom left. Always double-check that you’re paying to the correct address. You can compare any number of character in the Bitcoin Cash address that appears as the destination in your wallet to the one shown by the recipient. In this way, you can be sure you are actually making a payment to the intended address and thus avoid potential mistakes and lost funds. After successfully making a payment you can add a personal note, view the details in your wallet or in a block explorer or even share the transaction details. Sending Bitcoin Cash is easy, fast, and almost free. You can send Bitcoin Cash from anywhere to anywhere instantly and without paperwork even across borders. Congratulations! Now you know how to send Bitcoin Cash. Keep learning more about Bitcoin Cash so you can prosper and help others benefit from Bitcoin Cash too.